Should Your Next Car Be All-Wheel Drive or 4-Wheel Drive?

There are a lot of choices to make when looking at a new vehicle. At Carriage House of New London, potential customers that come in often ask whether they should buy an All-Wheel Drive or 4-Wheel Drive vehicle. The truth is there is no right answer, only what is best for each situation. Some of the reasons to choose one type of vehicle over the other include:

  • The type of driving the vehicle is going to be doing most of the time. Drivers who take unpaved country roads and off road paths are more likely to need a 4-wheel drive vehicle.
  • The kind of vehicle the driver prefers. High performance cars and mid-range sedans tend to use all-wheel drive. SUV's and pickup trucks are more likely to have 4-wheel drive.

At Carriage House of New London, we have a wide selection of all-wheel and 4-wheel drive vehicles to choose from. Visit our showroom to see them in person.

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