Water Vs. Windshield Wiper Fluid

Water is cheap and available. It is used as a cleaning fluid, but does not always work in all situations. It works in warm temperatures, and even then, its cleaning properties are limited. Carriage House of New London highlights a few reasons why wiper fluid performs better than water:

  • Windshield wiper fluid is equipped with active detergents and cleaning solvents that removes any form of sediments or dirt particles that fall on your windshield. Water, on the other hand, lacks such ability.
  • Wiper fluid will stay in its liquid form longer than water in freezing temperatures.
  • With wiper fluid, as the car owner, you will reduce the cost of routine maintenance. This is because the fluid will not freeze in the reservoir which can cause damages from time to time. Water, on the other hand, will freeze and damage your car, especially during the cold season.

As you drive along the streets of New London, Carriage House of New London wishes you safe rides with better visibility at all times.

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