How to Prepare for a Holiday Road Trip

Are you considering taking a long road trip during your next vacation? If you are, then it would be advantageous to take care of a few things before you leave your home in New London, CT. Fortunately, our team at Carriage House of New London is here to guide you through the essential checklist items.

If you want to avoid potentially costly and frustrating repairs during your trip, then be sure to take your vehicle in to be serviced before you leave. Planning out the route that you wish to take is another thing that it would be smart to get out of the way before your trip. Also, take note of any possible alternatives or detours you could take if something unexpected comes up. Finally, you should also plan on taking regular breaks during your road trip. By taking breaks often, you help prevent your vehicle from overheating or breaking down.

Our staff members would like to wish our customers a safe, stress-free trip, which will much easier by following these tips!

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