Should You Consider a Suspension Repair or Upgrade?

When you buy a car from Carriage House of New London, you are likely going to treat it as one of your children. This means that when something is going wrong with it and you think it's "sick," you're going to want to find out what the problem is right away.

Knowing what the symptoms are can help you narrow it down for yourself and for the people who are trying to work on the car. When you are driving through New London, CT and you hit a bump, does it seem as though the car is bouncing more than it used to? While you might dismiss the issue as just wear and tear, it could be a problem with your suspension. If that is the problem, you're going to want to get it worked on before the problem grows and your bank account shrinks in response.

If you feel as though there's a problem, get it checked right away. You can find suspension parts and even request help with your system at our dealership.

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