The Growing Importance of Seasonal Service at Carriage House of New London

Don't just roll into another season without getting your vehicle prepared. The service center can address a few issues now so you have no problems out on the roads.
+ The car tires will be carefully inspected for any uneven wear and then rotated to help get maximum tire use of each of them.
+ Oil will be changed, filter will be replaced, and the right grade oil for the upcoming season will be used.
+ The filters throughout the engine will be checked for damage, cleaned or replaced so the motor operates perfectly.
+ The car battery will be inspected, cleaned, and tested to see if it can handle the load of another season of starting the vehicle.
+ The fluids throughout the car will be flushed and then replaced.

Stop by Carriage House of New London for a seasonal checkup and maintenance that will have you safely driving for months to come.
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