Safety Tips For Drivers

Nothing is more important than staying attentive on the road. No one knows this more than us at Mercedes-Benz of New London, which is why we're dedicated to ensuring you and your family know the best tips for staying safe and distraction-free on the road. Below, we have compiled a helpful tip to help you in accomplishing just that.

Too many passengers can be a recipe for disaster, and that danger can be multiplied significantly if you're looking at your smartphone at the same time. With too many passengers, you introduce a number of troubling risks to your driving experience: Obstructions, loud noises, potential conflicts, and much more can lead to disaster scenarios. because of this, always make sure you only have as many people as you have seats in your car. If you need to get more people to-and-from, always look for a compromise before putting too many people in your car. Not only is it not road safe, but when paired with an active smartphone, you are putting everyone in the car in danger. Yikes!

For now, that's all we have. But if you ever want more safety tips, or are simply looking for a test drive, come to see us at our new car sales center.



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