Prepare for a Flat Tire

A flat tire can be a frustrating experience; however, you can reduce the frustration by keeping a few tips in mind. If you experience a flat, be sure to first position the jack underneath the vehicle without lifting it and before loosening the lug nuts. Keeping the vehicle on the ground prior to lifting the vehicle allows you to get a firm foundation to loosen the lug nuts, which are typically hard to break loose.

If you have a bottle of WD-40 in your emergency kit or toolkit, be sure to spray the lug nuts and allow them to soak for a few seconds prior to attempting to loosen them. Additionally, make sure that the emergency brake is engaged as a safety precaution and always make sure that the vehicle is not on a hill.

We wish you continued safety on the road! Contact our Mercedes-Benz service center in New London, CT for all of your service and routine maintenance needs.