Why Your Tire Pressure Light is On

Despite the fact that most new cars have tire pressure monitoring systems to let you know there’s an issue with your tire pressure, many cars are still be driven with an incorrect amount of air. If you have questions or concerns, stop in at Carriage House of New London and speak with one of our team members. Even with the monitoring system, you may still want to check the tire pressure yourself. Different things can affect tire pressure and make the light come on.

  • Cold temperatures – Low air pressure is common in cold weather. It should go back up in minutes.
  • Changing temperatures – Hot temperatures can your tires to overinflate.
  • Punctured tire
  • Incorrect amount of air pressure in the tires

If your light has been coming on, or you just want us to check your tire pressure, pay us a visit at our automotive service center. We’re always happy to help.

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