The Importance of Getting Alignment Maintenance on Your Vehicle

The team at Mercedes-Benz of New London wanted to make certain our customers were aware of the importance of getting the front-end aligned on their vehicles. Here are some details about your front-end that you might want to be aware of.

Most drivers do not pay any attention to the alignment of their vehicle until they feel the wheels pulling them off to the side on the highway. Getting your front-end serviced regularly will help increase the life of the treads on your tires, increase gas mileage, and even provide you better grip on the road surface.

Some of the ways you can tell it's time for a front-end inspection is when there is a strong vibration in your steering wheel at high speeds. Other times you'll feel a shimmy in the steering wheel as the car becomes more difficult to keep on the road.

Don't forget that you can come to see us at Mercedes-Benz of New London and allow one of our team members to schedule your vehicle for front-end maintenance.



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