While your vehicle from Mercedes-Benz of New London is reliable, it still needs routine service. Routine service helps keep your Mercedes-Benz vehicle operating in Old Saybrook for longer. Here are some services we recommend getting at our location near Branford.


It is essential to have your Mercedes-Benz model's brakes working properly to stop the vehicle immediately when driving around North Haven. Brake pads eventually wear out and commonly make a screeching noise when they need replacing.

Brake oil also needs refilling to ensure it lubricates the parts to help them operate optimally. Other common signs your brakes need servicing include an illuminated brake light, pulling to the side, vibrations when you press them, and a soft pedal.

Oil Changes

Oil helps keep the engine parts clean, but it can get filled with sludge and debris the longer you go without a change. If the oil isn't changed, it could decrease your fuel efficiency and cause damage to the engine.

You should also get your oil serviced if you notice burning smells, leaks, trouble shifting gears, and knocking sounds. A certified technician will check engine oil levels, flush out the old oil, and replace filters and drain plugs if necessary.


Tires make constant contact with the ground around Norwich and other streets you travel to move the vehicle, so they need regular service. Tire rotation helps extend the life of the tires by ensuring the tread, or rubber parts, wear evenly. Rotating the tires increases the performance, and your ride will be smooth and safe.

Tire inflation is necessary to prevent blowouts from friction, which is even more important in cooler weather. Tire pressure drops one PSI per 10-degree decrease in cold Connecticut temperatures because molecules move slower.

Why Choose Service at Mercedes-Benz of New London

When you bring your vehicle to us, you'll receive excellent service to keep your vehicle running. Our technicians never make guesses at what your vehicle needs, and we often run service specials. You can schedule service online from your Mystic couch! Our staff hopes to see you at our service center soon.

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